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Baseball Under The Bridge, originally uploaded by SMK-Photography.

With opening day right around the corner I thought I'd share this image from last season's Riversharks taken with my iPhone.

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Tun Tavern
Tun Tavern, originally uploaded by SMK-Photography.

This time of year we remember all those who served. Happy Birthday USMC (Nov 10) and Veteran's Day (Nov 11).

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Night At The Ball Game Night At The Ball Game
Night At The Ball Game, originally uploaded by SMK-Photography.Just started getting into HDR photography and decided to go back through some old photographs to look for good candidates. Found this one taken at a Riversharks game at Campbells Field in Camden, NJ. I was pretty pleased with the end result. I like the painterly look of HDR with some photos and a more realistic look with others. I think the painterly look goes well with these colors.
]]> (SMK Photography) Riversharks philadelphia baseball Sat, 06 Nov 2010 20:07:00 GMT
Philadelphia International Dragon Boat Festival
Philadelphia International Dragon Boat Festival, originally uploaded by SMK-Photography.

Went to my first Dragon Boat race yesterday. Had a great time though I didn't get as much time with my camera as I had liked. I did manage to get a few shots of the dragons!

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Sneakers, originally uploaded by SMK-Photography.

Just got an iPhone 4 and want to start doing some iPhoneography. This is my first. Came in from a run feeling all exhausted (very hot and humid today). Kicked off my shoes and took the shot. Added a grungy look to match my exhaustion!

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We just got a new dog. She's a 6 month old Border Collie/Lab Mix. The kids are really enjoying her and she's adapting to her new home well!
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Rose I took this photo of a pink rose in our garden shortly after a rain storm passed through.
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Beach Fence
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20081211_Flyers_Game_0037, originally uploaded by smk-photo.

Went to the Flyers historic comeback game. All I had was a P&S but was able to get some decent photos from the 3rd row behind the goal.

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Gettysburg, originally uploaded by smk-photo.

Recently visited Gettysburg and took alot of photos. What an amazing place.

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More Fireworks
Fireworks 13, originally uploaded by smk-photo.

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Fireworks 9, originally uploaded by smk-photo.

I like the face created by this firework. Do you see it?

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Butterfly, originally uploaded by smk-photo.

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On your mark, set, ...
Back, originally uploaded by smk-photo.

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Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel, originally uploaded by smk-photo.

this is an older photo I shot at Niagara Falls some time ago.

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Butterfly, originally uploaded by smk-photo.

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Toucan, originally uploaded by smk-photo.

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flag, originally uploaded by smk-photo.

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yellow flower
yellow flower, originally uploaded by smk-photo.

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Deer, originally uploaded by smk-pix.

I'm traveling in the Washington DC area this week. I decided to go out to a local park and get more used to my new 40D. While there I came across several deer that were feeding so I switched to my longest lens (200mm) and started to grab some shots. Unfortunately this lens max aperture is only 5.6 so I really had to bump the ISO to get any decent shots. This one is using an ISO of 1600! I'm pretty impresses with the quality given the ISO and that I was using a shutter of 1/100. Thank goodness for that rapid 6.5 fps!!

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Hawk, originally uploaded by smk-pix.

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Burmese Python
Burmese Python, originally uploaded by smk-pix.

first of several shots from the Cape May Zoo

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Seashore, originally uploaded by smk-pix.

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Sunset, originally uploaded by smk-pix.

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